Big album coming soon.

I’m really excited to announce that, as of this morning, my album “Not Amazing” is in the hands of a mastering engineer! It’s something I’ve been working on in one way or another for the past year, and it’s the first personal project ever that I have zero doubts about sharing with the internet/world. On one hand, this record marks a bunch of musical mile stones for me: writing for a group, incorporating more advanced and I would say ‘better’ compositional techniques, better playing on my part, and drawing some of the focus to the human voice. But it’s much more than music to me. This album directly confronts a lot of issues that don’t get much attention in general, and have received next to no analysis through music. The title “Not Amazing” refers to the constant ambiguity of living with a disability and the individual tracks address these thoughts and frustrations both lyrically and sonically. I also had the chance to bring in a lot of collaborators I deeply respect, so you’ll get to hear from them too. More to come, but stay tuned. The album will be released next month on Apple Music, Spotify, etc. And it will be available for purchase through my Bandcamp page.

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