Where is the Nature?

The search for the nature began on a stage in Harlem and progressed throughout a series of Ableton sessions, during which time and space may have folded slightly. With no leaves left unturned, party shaman / ‘grandmaster of the Zebra God’s personal decks’ DJ SKOLi and drummer / ‘synthesizer tech to the sorcerer’s apprentice’ Tommy Carroll present Where Is the Nature?: a demonstration of why sometimes enjoyment is more important than understanding. With sonic selections provided by interstellar artisans Music Reloaded, Megiapa, and Gifted Keys, this night will give everyone a chance to lace their earthly roots with cosmic delight.

In other words, I’m releasing an EP with my close friend and collaborator DJ SKOLi this week and I’m excited to throw down. To me, this project and its title represent the importance of not forgetting that music is first and foremost a direct channel for humans to connect and relate on an emotional level.

It’s a stacked show. Our openers are each a headliner in their own right. I’ll be performing a synthesizer-infused set of music with my band and then linking up with SKOLi to play through the EP.

Get your tickets and party with us!

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