Celebrating a year of vulnerability (live on the Wizard)

A year ago to day I released Not Amazing, the most vulnerable and involved project I’ve ever taken on as a leader. The past year has been full of adventures with so many friends new and old. I’ve had the chance to share my music at some beautiful showcases; accompany artists from New York to Chicago to LA, and stretch myself as a performer and producer.

The music and time have been very healthy for me, and I hope it has spread some of that energy to the people who’ve had a chance to listen. As a sort of celebration of all this, I’ll be playing a special set with a quintet tomorrow night on the Wizard (WZRD 88.3 FM Chicago). We’ll play some tunes from Not Amazing and preview new songs from upcoming projects including Where is the Nature? (me and DJ SKOLi’s trip-hop / house project dropping next Friday at Tonic Room), Calculated Discomfort (my new free jazz project), and some stuff that will either end up on the follow up to Not Amazing or as part of an upcoming acoustic jazz quartet project. Pretend it’s the 1930s, and join us for a fireside jam at www.wzrdchicago.org or on the dial at 88.3 FM (if you’re a northsider); also streaming on all major radio phone apps.

Wish Not Amazing a happy birthday:

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