Thanks for taking the time to visit my page. Here you’ll be able to find music from my various projects, get info about upcoming shows, and learn about extra-musical initiatives in which I participate. Please enjoy the music. All I ask is that, if you hear something that moves you, share it with friends. Music is community and community starts with sharing.


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On January 24, 2017, I released Not Amazing, a full-length album addressing the challenges I face as a blind person. Listen below or on your favorite subscription streaming service.

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Sophie Rae – Sirens

I contributed drums and percussion to Chicago folk artist Sophie Rae’s fabulous new album, Sirens.

Me’chelle and the Crystal Stones

I am currently the full-time drummer for rapper / songwriter Me’chelle Renee.

Joseph the Worker – Silver Dollars

I played drums on all tracks of Chicago singer/songwriter Joseph the Worker’s recent Silver Dollars EP.

Nicolas Delaffon – Allers / Retours

I played drums onFrench singer / songwriter Nicolas Delaffon’s recent art rock EP.